Tutorial How To Get your money back from a LIMITED PayPal Account


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If your account is limited, but you have some money in it, you won't be able to transfer the money to any PayPal account unless and until you remove the limitation from it somehow. But if you follow the following steps you can get back your money from the limited account.

  • You need to make a new PayPal Account. This PayPal account must be British and then open a Premier Account.
Follow these steps:
  • Log into your Premier British PayPal account.
  • Go to resolution center
  • Click on Dispute a Transaction.
  • Select "Unauthorized transaction: I did not authorize a recent transaction" and click continue.
  • Get the transaction IDs from the option available in the page.
  • Add the transaction IDs and click continue.
  • Log out of your Premier British PayPal account and log into your PayPal account[The one which is limited].
  • The only feature available with a limited PayPal account is that you can issue a refund. Let's utilize this now.
  • Go to resolution center and click the one that says something like you did not send the goods and click refund
  • Do it to all of your transactions.
  • At the end, you should have all of your money present in your limited PayPal account back to your Premier British PayPal account.
Please note that this method does not cost free. PayPal removes a small amount of money while transferring from one PayPal to another.But it's worth it as you won't lose all the money in case your PayPal is limited.