Tutorial How To Get Free Shopify Stores


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It's easy!

Just register for free at Shopify Developers by clicking here :


What do you get from Shopify developers? - Shopify thinks that you will make them money if they provide you with a free platform to create UNLIMITED stores for customers and sell it to them directly, but in this case we are going to use the store(s) we created. The only catch is you have to pay for a plan only AFTER you have hit 50 SALES. Trust me, this is a great deal you don't lose anything if you store flops so it acts like a safety net.

After registering click on "Development stores" and create a store. Congratulations. You now have completed step 1 and have a completely free Shopify store with EVERYTHING UNLOCKED. Yes, you can even sell GIFT CARDS to your own store. Most of you know how to go from there, how to upload a theme, edit their website and connect a domain.