Tutorial How To Get FREE Envato Purchase Codes (3 methods)


Staff member
Here are 3 simple methods to get free ThemeForest/CodeCanyon purchase codes.
  • Go to Google and search for this query:
filetype:pdf "item purchase code" "item name"
For example: filetype: pdf "item purchase code" "NEWSPAPER" and you might find a bunch of purchase codes you need.
  • Go to Google and search for this query:
site:themeforest.net "purchase code" "item name".
  • Go to the sale page of the theme/plugin you need, go to comment section, search for "purchase code". Some people commented the purchase code on the comment section so you might find some there.
Please keep in mind that the code you use this way may affect the original buyer's website/account. So just use if you really need it. I recommend to buy a new one if you can afford it. Thanks!