Tutorial How to get anybody's location


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What you will need:
  1. VPN (Can Be Any VPN as long as it changes your location.)
  2. Gmail Account (You will be giving the gmail account information to the person who's location you are trying to get, oh and make sure there is no 2fa [2 step authentication])
  1. We shall start with setting up the gmail account. Make sure there is no 2fa (two step authentication) on the account, basically make sure its at its lowest security. Once you do that you will have to navigate to the Securuty check option [ https://myaccount.google.com] and then go to security tab and then go to "Your Devices" and click it and it will show the logged in devices and below it it shows the location! As long as they aren't on a VPN you will be able to get their location. If you do this method with someone who isn't used to having a VPN on, or they don't have a VPN on you can assure that's their location. The "Your Devices" is the place you will be looking for, their device/location will show up here once they have logged in, so keep refreshing this one you have gave them the information. You can even ask them to screen share logging in to your gmail account to make sure they "don't do anything that can harm you" and you will know when to refresh.
  2. Once you have the first step done you are pretty much good, all you have to do now is talk with them, ask them what time it is for them, what country they live in, what state. Small things that don't seem to matter but really do for this so you can make sure it truly is their location. Tell them if they could do you a small favor and check something out on your gmail because your gmail isn't working, or you think you got hacked and you want them to help you out by signing in and investing or something like that. Just lure them into wanting to login to your gmail. Once you have gave your gmail to them refresh the page every couple of seconds to see if their device is on there. If it is you are basically done with the tutorial, do whatever you would like with it.
  3. You are now done with the tutorial. Anyways just make sure you have a VPN on, as long as it works you can use it. Don't use your personal gmail that would be just retarded.