Tutorial How to do FREE Facebook Ads


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To perform this method you'll need:
  • A VPN / VPS (I recommend NordVPN since it's very fast, and there are thousands of accounts all over c.to) (Optional if you live in these countries: US, UK, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Iceland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia)
  • A VBA (I'll explain how to create one) or an actual bank account.
To get started, create a new account and verify it.
Once verified, go to automatic payments.
When automatic payments are set up and the VBA is confirmed, you can spend an unlimited amount of money on ads, for 20-30 days. After that time passes, Facebook will charge your VBA, realize it's empty and block automatic payments. After that, you're free to make a new Facebook account with the same VBA.

How to get a Free VBA:
  1. Connect your VPN to Netherlands.
  2. Go to www.payoneer.com
  3. Signup with fake information from www.fakenamegenerator.com (make sure your email is legit because they check if it's disposable or not and send many verification emails)
  4. When asked for bank details, fill in the bank name: ING Bank and one of the IBANs below.
  5. When asked for passport information, fill in the national ID number 837990018 (Can be any 9-number combination, they don't check it lol)
  6. Wait around a day to get the verification email.
  7. Good luck!