Tutorial How To Disable A Stolen Android Phone


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If your android device have been stolen and you are thinking of changing the pin to your google account before locking the stolen phone, that is a bad idea. The reason is that the stolen phone must still be linked with your google account so that the phone will be able to be tracked.
So follow to steps below to disable your stolen phone.

Step 1: Use Android Device Manager. Visit google.com/android/devicemanager , then signin to your google account to access the settings of your stolen mobile device.

After signing in the number of phones connected to your Google account will be listed out.
As long as the location of the stolen phone is turned on, it should be marked on the map as In the image below.
TAP “Lock,” “Disable,” or “Erase all Data” if they are availablin the platform.

Step 2: If you are using Samsung device.
There is no need of stressing your self, kindly go to the Samsung help portal and sign in using your Samsung account. If the phone that was stolen was a Samsung phone and you logged In using your Samsung account.

kindly visit findmymobile.samsung.com/ and log in to that account. Select your device on the left to track the phone’s location, lock it with a new password, or wipe all its data permanently.