Tutorial How to Create Unlimited Phone Numbers of any Country


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Follow the steps below:
  1. Connect your VPN to USA
  2. Open https://www.twilio.com/ website in your browser.
  3. Click on "Get a Free API Key".
  4. Sign up using fake USA information from here (https://www.fakenamegenerator.com/)
  5. For email don't use TempMail use @outlook.com, @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @yahoo.com for 100% success. (@outlook.com recommended)
  6. Choose "JAVA" in language.
  7. In mobile number verification use TextNow virtual number or use your real number for verification.
  8. After verification your project menu will appear.
  9. Choose Templates -> phone numbers.
  10. Give any name to your project and skip other steps.
  11. Once project is created click on phone numbers.
  12. Select country then search.
  13. Select any number from the display and click "Buy" (Don't worry there is no payment method).
  14. Click on setup number.
  15. Done you just create one virtual number with Calling, SMS , MMS facility.
  16. To create another number, repeat the previous number and buy another number.