Tutorial How To Change Fortnite E-mail - Full Method


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Today I will show you the BEST way to get full access on an epic games account which is UNVERIFIED. I found this the best method and I've made 3 accounts FA (Full Access) with this method. If you're interested, read below:

Alright so first we need to know what the e-mail of the victim is. Let's say for example that the e-mail is "fullaccess@outook.com". We need to make an e-mail that looks like the one I showed you guys. Like "fullaccess@hotmail.com or fullacces@gmail.com. Or if the e-mail is like "epicgame@outlook.com, make an account called epicgamer@outlook.com We need to make this because we have to convince Epic Games that we actually made a mistake in our e-mail name and we want to change it to the "right" one.
  1. So what you do is go to https://epicgames.helpshift.com/a/fortnite/
  2. Then get in contact with them by clicking "get in contact".
  3. Then provide them with any information you know as shown here http://prntscr.com/kjx8i1 (BUT DON'T CLICK SEND YET).
  4. After you've given them the info. You have to describe the problem. Since we were trying to convince them that the old e-mail is a typo. We are going to try to let them change it to the one we made, which was "fullacces@hotmail.com" or "fullaccess@gmail.com".
  5. So what I recommend is by typing something like this:
    I accidentally put fullacces@outlook.com on my account when I signed up, but I didn't notice I typed it in wrong until I tried to sign in and link it to another gaming platform. My email is actually fullacces@hotmail.com.
  6. Change some things though so it doesn't look too suspicious otherwise they might reject it instantly.
So now we've done that. We need to wait 3-5 days for them to reply back. They will ask a ton of stuff like what the original epic id, what is the last thing you've bought. You can see that when you're on the account. Just try to provide them which as much information as you know. When you don't know something, just type in that you don't remember it. I'd suggest not to type more than 3 times "I don't remember". Otherwise, it's looking a bit suspect and they will reject it. After you've done that. You will have another 3-5 days for them to reply back. This time they're going to say if they're going to change it or not.

So that's it, guys. I don't think there's any other better method than that, to be honest. Have fun with your Full Access account!