10 Ways To Secure Your Phone From Hackers


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Today hacking is a really constant thing in our virtual world and hacking is presently most predominant in the PCs and cell phones. So to close this issue, we are here with interesting exceptionally helpful and working tricks to secure your Android phone From Hackers. By following the complete guide, you will easily get secure and can have your privacy in your grasp.

#1 Use Best Antivirus To Protect It From Harmful Malware And Trojans
Antivirus programs are extremely useful to keep your Android free from all the infections that can come easily in your rooted android because of numerous flaws that can develop in the wake of rooting your android. So use the antivirus to secure your Android phone from hackers and keep your Android secure from infections and threats. Some viruses can be an attack from hackers or programmers to compromise your security. So it is smarter to try the best antivirus.

#2 Use A Password/PIN on Lock Screen
All things considered, this is one of the extraordinary security steps you can take toward ensuring your Android cell phone is protected. Using a password or PIN to secure your android smartphone really adds a security layer to your gadget which helps a lot. If you are somebody who has difficulties remembering passwords, you can go for a lock pattern to secure your Android phone from hackers also.

#3 Always Choose Secure Android Browser
For the most part users feel that they are exceptionally safe over the web for browsing lots of websites on their gadget. Yet, that is a misconception as today there are loads of spy agencies that keep monitor users, so it is important to guarantee your privacy by securely browsing the web.

#4 Download Apps From Trusted Sources
Well, this is another best security effort you can take. You have to download an application only from trusted sources like Google Play Store. Notwithstanding, you must be ensure check the reviews and ratings of an app before clicking on the Install button since Google Play Store likewise houses a few applications which are dangerous.

#5 Do Not Install Unauthorized Apps
A large number of the users root their android device to dispose of the pre-installed applications in any case; these must be there on your Android gadget as they shield your gadget from other spying applications. Users have a tendency to prefer new apps instead of old ones. So it’s always better to install approved apps from Google play store.

#6 Use Android device Manager In Your Android Phone
You should enable Android device manager on your android as this is the reliable option to track your lost android from your google account. Likewise, you should make to give the total supremacy quality to this application for its excellent working.

#7 Always Have a Backup Of Your Data
To back up your smartphone is the best thing that you can do for your Android cell phone as attackers might need to corrupt your information to make your information inaccessible to you. There is nothing more awful than losing everything on your phone and acknowledging you never backed anything up.

#8 Vault-Hide SMS, Videos & Pics
Vault helps you keeping your pictures, control your privacy, SMS, videos and contacts private and hiding them from any prying eyes. You have to open up the vault so as to access your stored files. Go to google play store by clicking the link above to install it and secure your Android phone from hackers.

#9 Message Lock
Outstanding amongst other ways to secure your Android phone from hackers and to protect all your Android data is to secure your messages where one time passwords are sent, so better is to ensure that there must be secured on your SMS. SMS Lock is a light tool to get your own personal short messages (SMS and MMS) secured.

#10 Do Not Save Your Passwords In Your Phone Browser
The passwords you saved in your browser might be hijacked by the hackers easily. Therefore, this is a reason you need not save any of your account passwords in your android device browser.