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    Tutorial Get a working Azure RDP for free for 3 hours

    Goto https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/fi/marketplace/apps/checkpoint.vsec?tab=Overview&fbclid=IwAR3jC2MxcxVfgdOKSpafB9AdQ6lW0aq-vgIuKJ0MSEvkS-iojat1VbuGWV4 Click on TEST DRIVE Sign in to your Microsoft Account or Create one if you dont have Once you sign in, it will redirect you to a page...
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    Tutorial East method to get RDP/VPS FREE 16GB RAM for 2 months

    Firstly , go to https://try.digitalocean.com/performance/ and make an account and verifiy it with a vcc. ( I used iCard VCC for this tutorial) IF you can't find a good VCC you can always use PayPal as a payment option , but you need to add 5 euro to the account. Small price for 2 months of RDP...
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    RDP 1 month free VPS admin access to all sites internet speed 240Mb/s

    RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol: Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop WITH HIGH SPEED Easy just few steps: 1- Go to https://www.apponfly.com 2- Click: TRY IT FREE 3- Put your email 4- download the RDP file 5- put Password given by site Access to all sites